Real-life Heroes: Girl with no hands Makes Beautiful Paintings


We often see stories where people make impossible things happen with their hard work and determination. The story of 21-year-old Princy Gogoi is no different. Princy has no hands, yet she works as a front desk executive at a private hospital. Princy also makes beautiful paintings with her toes.

Princy’s recent painting of Lord Ganesh has priced Rs. 30,000 ($555). Princy says she wants to open an art school for physically disabled children. According to reports, Princy was born in a small city “Sonari” in Assam. She never let her physical disability become her weakness.

After completing school, Princy is now working at a private hospital in Guwahati. Apart from her job, Princy also takes a keen interest in painting, singing and sports. In a media interview, Princy told that she could not get admission in a government school in class 5 because she did not have hands. She says, “Many people used to tell my mother that I am a ‘mental patient’, but my mother never listened to anyone.”

She eventually got admission in a private school from where she completed her studies. Princy says she is very fond of painting. She is very excited about the sale of her recent painting.


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