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Rare Yellow Turtle Spotted in Nepal

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A rare turtle has been spotted in Nepal. This turtle is getting so much attention because of its colour. The video of this turtle is viral on social media. Due to genetic mutation, the colour of the turtle has changed to yellow. The pigment giving colour to the turtle skin has changed, due to which it appears yellow.

According to an official from the Toxicology Association of Nepal, this turtle has changed colour due to ‘chromatic leucism’. Till date, very few such cases are reported worldwide.Chromatic leucism is the condition in which the body-colouring elements start deteriorating. In this condition, the skin becomes white, yellow or develops rashes. In this turtle, yellow is more dominant due to which it appears golden.

According to the Reptile Expert Kamal Devkota, he has seen a turtle of this colour for the first time. This is the first case of chromatic leucism in Nepal. These creatures have spiritual significance in Nepal. Not just golden yellow, turtles, in general, have religious importance in Nepal, and there are many beliefs regarding the same.

Legend says that Lord Vishnu took the form of a turtle to save the universe from destruction. According to Hindu beliefs, the upper part of the turtle is the sky, and the lower part is the earth.A total of 16 species of turtle are present in Nepal. And 4 of these species are already on the verge of extinction. These include the elongated tortoise, the three-striped ruffled tortoise, the thin-headed soft-shell tortoise, and the red-crowned ruffled tortoise.

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