Rakesh Tikait to address Mahapanchayat in West Bengal’s Nandigram

Farmers are sitting at the borders of Delhi for more than 100 days. But farmer’s determination to not bow before the government does not seem to be weakening. Farmers are moving towards West Bengal after Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Sanyukta Kisan Morcha has opened a front against the Modi government.

The leaders of Sanyukta Kisan Morcha, who are leading the farmer’s movement, have reached Bengal. SKM leaders are convincing the farmers there not to vote for the BJP. The farmer’s plan is to boycott the Bharatiya Janata Party and break the vanity of the Modi government. The leaders of the ongoing farmers movement in Delhi gave this information on Friday.

Rakesh Tikait reached poll bound West Bengal on 13th of March. Tikait will rally in Nandigram and Kolkata during this time. Rakesh Tikait will also attend and address the Mahapanchayat to be held at 11 am in Kolkata on 14th March. The farmers from Nandigram will deliver speeches against the agricultural laws passed by the BJP lead Central government.

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Farmer’s leaders have conveyed a message to the farmers of West Bengal not to vote for the BJP in West Bengal assembly elections and boycott the party. Election Commission has declared elections for 294 assembly constituencies in the West Bengal. Subsequently 294 peasant envoys have started their journey. Farmers will travel all over West Bengal by tractors. SKM Farmer’s leaders held a meeting with farmers at Kolkata’s Ramlila Maidan after a press conference on Friday. Leaders including Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patekar, Hannan Mullah, Balbir Singh Rajewal, Atul Kumar Anjaan, Avik Saha, Gurnam Singh, Raja Ram Singh and Dr. Satyanam Singh are also present in West Bengal.