Rahul’s GST ki Baat – Modi Destroyed Indian Economy and Informal Sector

After P Chidambaram, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has opened a front against the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi questioned the economic policies of the Modi government and raised concerns over falling GDP. In a program, “GST ki Baat”, he explained what is wrong with GST and who gets affected by it.

According to Rahul, the UPA government conceived the idea of GST. However, the Modi government failed to implement GST properly. He said that the four types of slabs in GST was a blunder. The primary reason for the fall in GDP is the GST flop show.

Calling GST Gabbar Singh Tax, Rahul said that it was an attack on the middle class which is the backbone of the country. Now the future of millions of jobs and youth hangs in the balance. States have suffered injustice as the central government is not able to pay the GST money to them.

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The GST implemented by the Modi government was an economic apocalypse, and the small businessmen are entangled in it while the prominent industrialists benefit. Only 15-20 big industrialists make arbitrary changes in GST rules and regulations.

When UPA conceived the idea of GST, the plan was to introduce a simple tax. But the NDA government raised the tax slab to 28%. Because of the failures of the central government, the state governments are not able to give salary to their employees.

He urged people to raise a united voice to make GST more simplified. As the country struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, Rahul Gandhi has been meeting with several prominent economists. He also had a discussion with former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan to discuss the country’s economy.