Pune Woman Starts Making Face Masks to Earn a Living


Since March 25, when the government imposed lockdown in India, many people have lost their jobs. The migrant labourers had to go back home. Businesses came to an end in the cities.
Something similar happened with Rupali Ramachandra. Rupali is from Pune, and she works as a tailor. Before lockdown, she had bought fabric worth ₹400,000 ($7500). She had orders to sew uniforms for school children. But now, the schools are not opening.

According to Indian Express, Rupali is a home tailor. She lives in Benkar Vasti, Pune. As soon as the schools were closed, people began cancelling their orders. They did not know when the schools would reopen. Rupali was left with the fabric in her home, without any money or food. Her husband is a daily wager, and in lockdown, he was also facing difficulties in finding work to pay the rent. Their son has cardiac problems, and his treatment is too costly.

Rupali says, “I told my husband don’t worry we have fabric. We will make masks.” From that day, they started making masks. After that, her husband went out to sell the masks. All her masks were sold within a day. Customers also praised the quality and design of her masks.
She says, “Now I sell masks to hospitals and other organisations. Some people even come to our house to get masks on special order.” Rupali is now earning₹500-1000 daily.

Rupali is currently working with an organisation that teaches computers to housewives and women who do not go out to work. Rupali also makes videos to show people the design of her masks. Through this she is also making people aware.

After joining the organisation Rupali has made more than 1 lakh masks. Although she did not make huge profits out of this business, but there was no loss of livelihood. For her, this was a big thing in itself. Now, she can at least manage meals for her family.


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