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Friday, August 6, 2021

Pulitzer : Teen Who Recorded George Floyd’s Murder Get Special Mention

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The Pulitzer Prize Board has honored a young girl with a special mention for making a video of the murder of George Floyd in the US. In 2020, a policeman killed a Black American citizen George Floyd. After that riots broke out in many cities of America.

The board honoured 18-year-old Darnella Frazier at the prestigious Pulitzer Prize ceremony for 2021. The special mention was for filming the video of George’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer.

Referring to Frasier, they said – Darnella Frasier has done the daring task of making a video of the murder of George Floyd. People came to know about the brutality of the police after this video came in front of the world. Along with this, it also emphasizes the importance of the crucial role of the citizen journalist in bringing the truth to the fore.

In addition, the board awarded Minneapolis Star Tribune for its excellent coverage of the event. Minneapolis Star Tribune consistently presented the news well under the Breaking News category.

Apart from this, the New York Times got the Public Service Award for its coverage of the corona virus pandemic. Meanwhile, online portal BuzzFeed won the first Pulitzer Prize in the International Reporting category.

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