Precautions and Home Remedies for Asthmatic Patients


The winter season has begun. During the Winter season, asthma patients may face many problems due to the cold. Because of cold in winter, there is swelling in the airways of asthma patients who experience trouble breathing. If asthma patients keep these things in mind, they will not have to face problems. In the next slides, we will tell the type of care taken by asthma patients in winter.

1. Go out of the house only if necessary

It is advisable for asthma patients to stay indoors during winter. Asthma patients should go out only when necessary and should take special precautions in winter.

2. Wear a mask if you go out of the house

Asthma patients must wear masks while going out of the house. Wearing masks is also important to be safe from corona virus.

3. Drink plenty of water

Asthma patients should consume a sufficient amount of water. Those who reduce their water intake during the winter season should stop doing it. Adequate intake of water is very important to stay healthy and fit.

4. Stay away from sick person

Asthma patients should avoid contacting any sick person as they can get infected very quickly.

5. Home should be kept clean

Asthma patients should take special care of keeping their home clean. They may face trouble due to dust, while cleaning. Always keep the house clean to stay healthy and fit.

6. Keep your inhaler

Asthma patients should always keep an inhaler with them.

7. Washing hands from time to time

Asthma patients should wash their hands with soap from time to time.

8. Stay away from smoking and tobacco

Smoking, tobacco consumption is harmful to health. Asthma patients should abstain from tobacco, smoking. Smoking or tobacco consumption can cause many problems for asthma patients.


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