Pop Star Rihanna Tweets in Support of Farmers’ Movement

On Tuesday, International Pop Star Rihanna tweeted in support of the Farmers’ Movement in India. A single tweet from Rihanna has set the Internet ablaze. She shared a report form CNN and wrote “Why aren’t we talking about this?”.

The Farmers’ Movement against the three farm laws and the government’s insensitivity has been attracting a lot of comments from celebrities worldwide. Along with Rihanna, Climate Activist Greta Thunberg also came in support of the protesting farmers. 

Rihanna’s tweet was retweeted more than 230,000 times and liked by more than half a million users. Several international celebrities, including legislators from the United States and Britain also expressed their solidarity with the protesting farmers.

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Meanwhile, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut reacted to Rihanna’s tweet. She said that these are not farmers, they are terrorists. Ranaut also called Rihanna a fool. However, after their tweets both Rihanna and Greta have also drawn the ire of Indian government.

Indian Ministers have also reacted strongly to the tweets from international celebrities. “No propaganda can deter India’s unity! No propaganda can stop India to attain new heights! Propaganda cannot decide India’s fate only ‘Progress’ can. India stands united and together to achieve progress,” Union Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted.