Police uses Water Cannons on Farmers ahead of Manohar Lal Khattar’s Rally


Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar was to hold a Mahapanchayat in Karnal, Haryana. However, the event could not happen because of the farmer’s anger against the government. The farmers broke all barricading and reached to the venue. Seeing the farmers, even the organizers of the event from BJP dispersed. 

After that, the Chief Minister had to cancel the Kisan Mahapanchayat. The Chief Minister’s helicopter did not land in Kaimla village. In the Kisan mahapanchayat, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal was to communicate directly with the farmers. The BJP workers were doing the preparations for the last several days.

Meanwhile, the farmers were constantly warning the CM against this mahapanchayat. On Saturday, the administrative and police officers also held a meeting with the farmers’ leaders. In the meeting, the officers warned the farmers that they can protest peacefully. However, if there is any violence, then they would be strictly dealt with. . Despite the warning, on Sunday thousands of farmers’ marched towards Kaimla.

The police cordoned off the area in seven places. Farmers broke the first block, but at the second blockade they had a confrontation with the force. At the second block, the police force dropped tear gas shells at the farmers. There ruckus continued for two and a half hours. After that the farmers started running towards the fields as the police force followed them. The situation was serious. The police lathicharged the farmers.

Meanwhile, a convoy of farmers suddenly reached the venue where the CM’s program was to be held. Seeing the convoy of farmers, the organizers also thought it appropriate to run away from there. After reviewing the situation, the team deployed for the Chief Minister’s security advised the CM to cancel the program. After that, CM could not visit the venue. And he had to cancel the program.

People associated with farmers’ organizations also came to protest against the BJP’s training camp in Salasar Complex of Hisar. A large number of police were deployed at the venue. Explain that due to the opposition of farmers in Barwala on Saturday, the BJP had to postpone its training camp.


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