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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Petrol touches ₹97/L mark in Mumbai – increase in oil prices for 12th day consecutively!

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Government oil companies increased petrol prices alongwith diesel prices for the 12th day consecutively. There is an increase in Diesel prices with a minimum increase of 37 paise. And a maximum increase of 39 paise. Moreover, there is a rise of about 38 to 39 paise in petrol prices as well.

Petrol prices reached an all-time high in Delhi and Mumbai. The price of petrol in Delhi touched Rs ₹90.58 mark. Meanwhile diesel is at Rs ₹80.97. The price of petrol skyrocketed in Mumbai and Petrol touched Rs ₹97. While diesel stands at Rs ₹88.06 per liter.

Oil prices in prominent metropolitan cities

Current prices of one litre petrol and diesel are mentioned below. For Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai alongwith Indore. As per IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited)

• In Delhi Diesel is at ₹80.97/L alongwith Petrol at ₹90.58
• Moreover In Mumbai Diesel is at ₹88.06 alongwith Petrol at ₹97.00
• Whereas In Kolkata Diesel is at ₹84.56 alongwith Petrol at ₹91.78
• In Chennai Diesel is at ₹85.98 alongwith Petrol at ₹92.59
• Furthermore, In Indore Diesel is at ₹89.34 alongwith Petrol, specially at ₹98.69

Price change everyday at 6 am

The price of petrol and diesel change at six in the morning. New rates are applicable after that. After the addition of excise duty, dealer commission and other things, the price of petrol and diesel, almost gets doubled. On these standards, the oil companies do the work of fixing petrol and diesel rates daily. People running the petrol pumps are the dealers. Finally, they sell oil at retail prices to consumers alongwith taxes and their own margins. This cost is also in addition to the petrol rate and diesel rate.

Know the price of petrol/diesel in your city

Subsequently, Petrol and diesel prices can also be known through SMS. According to the website of Indian Oil. You have to write RSP along with your city code and send it to the following number (9224992249). Moreover, each city’s code is different. Importantly, anyone can get the code of their city from IOCL’s website.

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