Pensioner Accidentally Burns Down 673 Hectares of Forest

People take many insurance policies to protect themselves, their families and properties. But sometimes, people go to any extent to make an insurance fraud. Recently, one such incident happened in Brazil.

Reportedly, An elderly man took his car to a secluded location and set it on fire to get money from the insurance. Because of this slight error, the fire spread through the forest and burned 673 hectares of land to ashes. The forest was part of the protected Brazilian Rainforest.
66-year-old Heli Barroso Martins is struggling with financial problems after his retirement. He was not receiving his pension for several months. So, Barroso planned to claim insurance for his car.

He took his car to Araras Biological Reserve, in Petrópolis and set it on fire. Then, he went to the police station to file a complaint. He said two gunmen on a motorcycle robbed him, and they burned his car in front of him as well.The police suspected the elderly person’s story. Investigation revealed that a large part of the forest was burnt down because of a burning car. In further investigation, they suspected Barroso.

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Upon strict interrogation, Barroso confessed that he had set the car on fire. He wanted the insurance money. Police also took out CCTV footage of a petrol pump. In the footage, Barroso can be seen buying a large amount of petrol before setting the vehicle on fire.