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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Pegasus Project Controversy : New Names Revealed

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Pegasus Project Controversy seems to have no end. Now the investigation has revealed another set of names that were potential targets of the software.

Phone numbers of two registrars of the Supreme Court, an old number of a former judge and a close aide of a former Attorney General were on the list of potential targets for surveillance by Israeli spyware Pegasus, news portal “The Wire” reported today. The numbers were among the 300 Indian numbers on the alleged lists of targets. A global consortium of 17 media organizations is investigating the Pegasus Project Controversy.

The spyware vendor NSO has said they only had vetted governments as clients. This statement has raised a storm of protests from the opposition, This has also paralyzed the working of parliament since the beginning of the Monsoon Session.  

Meanwhile, the government has said that they are not engaging in any illegal surveillance. However, the opposition has interpreted this as an admission of  possession and use of the spyware.

Top Court Officials In The List

Today, The Wire reported that the names of the two court officials — NK Gandhi and TI Rajput. According to the them, these names were added in early 2019.

“Both worked in the crucial ‘writ’ section of the Supreme Court’s registry at that time. More than 1,000 writ petitions are filed directly in the apex court in any given year. These are of direct concern to the Union government. Some of them are also politically sensitive,” The Wire reported.

The closest advisers of the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, were on the list. So were former chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation Alok Verma. The government had fired Verma in 2018 after a clash with the government. His junior officer and the current Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana was also in the list.

Forensic analysis of some of the cellphones by the Security Lab of Amnesty International confirmed security breach, media houses involved in the investigation have said.

You can read the detailed article from The Wire here.

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