Paulomi Pavini Shukla from Lucknow is in Forbes under 30 List

Forbes has included Paulomi Pavini Shukla of Lucknow in the Forbes under 30 list. Paulomi has received this honor for contributing to the education and upliftment of orphans. A lawyer by profession, she has been working for the rights of orphans for a long time. Paulomi has also written a book with her brother.

The name of her book is Weakest on Earth – Orphans of India. Bloomsbury Publishing published her book. Along with this, Paulomi has also filed a PIL. In her PIL, she raised her voice for the education and rights of orphaned children. Through this PIL many steps were also taken for the benefit of the orphaned children. Other states also recognized and appreciated Paulomi ‘s efforts.

Forbes makes a list of people under the age of 30 every year that includes people who have done significant work in their field of work. They have also included Paulomi in this list for the commendable work done in her field.

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