Pagdi Sambhal O Jatta

The overwhelming response to the Punjab Bandh call from farmers proved that everyone is together in this fight against the central government. The Rail Roko from September 24 to September 26 and complete shutdown of businesses was indeed a matter of inconvenience.

But when people of all classes stand together in solidarity with the farmers, then the meaning of the word inconvenience changes. Although the central government is repeatedly assuring the farmers that the provision of MSP will continue to exist, but the farmers now understand the intention behind these assurances.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and other leaders have been pointing out that the agricultural sector comes under the purview of the state governments. Hence, the central government’s interference in it violates the principle of the federal structure of the country.

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The objective behind these new agricultural laws is not only to facilitate the dominance of corporate houses like Adani and Ambani over the peasants and their land but also to create a paradigm of the ‘one country one system’ over the federal structure of the country.

The BJP is in power in 13 states in the country. The state governments will implement the new agricultural laws in these states. And because BJP is in power, there will be little or no opposition. We can say that the ideology of BJP trumps over the farmers of these states.

However, such thinking is not permanent. When time changes, every ideology changes with it. The central government may be satisfied thinking that it has paved the way for farmers to follow them on the pretext of reforms. But the truth is that the government has laid hands on the turban of the farmers.

And what will be the result of this, no one can describe better than Shaheed Bhagat Singh who gave the slogan of “Pagdi sambhal o Jatta”. The slogan played an instrumental role in ousting the British out of India.The agriculture bills of the central government are like a spark of fire. And no one can say what will happen in the coming future.

Captain Amarinder Singh has said that if all parties and farmer organisations come together for a united struggle, he is ready to lead the fight. The message is that Amarinder Singh is prepared to do anything for this issue. Captain’s offer is not only an emotional statement. It is a challenge to the central government.

The silence of Punjab’s five-time Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal who has usually been an advocate for the federal structure of the country may be attributed to his old age. But, today, when the farmers of Punjab have pledged for a, do or die resolution to maintain their identity, Badal’s silence is raising many questions.

Akali dal is indeed opposing the farmer’s bill, but what is the reason behind the separation from the United struggle? The central government is making efforts to construct one-sided thinking on the foundation of the country’s federal structure. So, this fight is not only for Farmers but for every citizen.

The states had control over some areas, which was secured by the constitution. However, efforts are being made to change it. The extent to which “One Country, One System” will be useful is a thing of the future. However, it immediately reveals that the central government wants to take over the rights of the states gradually.

This entire scenario highlights the working style of the government. At the same time, it also affirms the fact that everyone, whether a farmer or a common man, has become aware of their rights today.