Oxford University is working on a Vaccine for new strain of COVID

Even after the scientists have created a vaccine, Corona is still wreaking havoc all over the world. So far the world has reported 9.73 crore cases of COVID-19. Out of these 20.83 lakh people have succumbed to the virus. Now in many countries, the new strain of Corona is spreading.

After the arrival of new strains of corona in Britain, Brazil and South Africa, many countries are already making preparations for themselves. Meanwhile, scientists from Oxford University and AstraZeneca are jointly working on a vaccine to tackle these new strains.

According to media reports, scientists are working hard. Soon they will prepare the chadox vaccine. This will be a new and more effective vaccine. Scientists at Oxford University say that they are carefully assessing the impact of the new corona virus form on the immunity power of the vaccine.

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Apart from this, scientists are also assessing how to make a new type of COVID-19 vaccine soon. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the country’s drug regulatory agencies were fully prepared to fight the new strain of Corona.