North Korea: Kim Jong Un becomes the General Secretary of the Ruling Party


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in now the general secretary of the ruling Workers’ Party. In the past, his late father and grandfather have also held this position. Probably, he has taken this step with the aim of further strengthening their position amidst increasing economic challenges. State media of North Korea gave this information on Monday. The position was given to him in the first Congress of the ruling party since 2016.

In the meeting, Kim vowed to make more modern nuclear weapons, unveiled economic development goals and reshuffled party officials. However, observers are skeptical that this would provide any concrete solution to North Korea’s hardships. The country is struggling with the economic shock due to Corona virus, natural disasters, and repeated US-led sanctions.

According to the official Central News Agency of Korea, on Sunday, Congress awarded Kim a new position on the sixth day of the meeting. The Congress statement said that Kim had carried out the historic mission of completing the country’s nuclear construction plan. Meanwhile, Kim is already the party’s top leader.

In 2016, the Party Congress named him the President of the party. Before that he led the party with the rank of First Secretary. But in a dynasty-ruled North Korea, the post of Secretary-General is symbolically more important. His father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung also held the post.

When Kim Jong Un assumed leadership of the country after his father’s demise in 2011, some experts raised doubts about his hold on power. But on Friday, Kim, 37, tightened her grip on power by hanging some high-profile people and removing her opponents.


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