North East Students Demand To Include a Section on North East in NCERT Books

University Students and Organisations from North Eastern States of India have decided to do a Twitter storm. The objective of this Twitter storm is to request the Government of India to include Chapters on North East in NCERT Books. Interestingly, all Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Schools across India follow the NCERT Books and curriculum.

Hipito Achumi, the President of Nagaland University Students Union released a Press Note on this. In the note, he said that we are fully aware of the subtle discrimination against North East people working and studying in main land India. The students of North East also organised a virtual meeting on this issue.

“Negligible Information” About North East Is Responsible 

The Student Organizations consider ignorance about the North Eastern culture and history as the main reason behind their problems. “The incidents are provident enough of the negligible information that the mainland Indians have on the Eight States of North East India”, the press note said. However, the motto of this Twitter storm is to humbly request the Government to include a section on North East in School Curriculum. This will also raise awareness among the people about the North East Culture and Society.

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YouTuber Gets Schooled in History and Geography of Arunanchal

Recently, Ludhiana Police arrested YouTuber Paras Singh for making racial remarks against an MLA from Arunanchal. Meanwhile, soon after his arrest, the SIT of Arunanchal Pradesh bought him to Itanagar. In the state’s capital, Paras is now also getting lessons in History and Geography of the State. Actually, in one of his video, Paras had called Arunachal Pradesh as “a part of China”. He also called the Congress MLA “Non Indian”. Paras was reacting on the MLA’s request to ban PUBG relaunch in India.