New Study on Surgical Masks Suggest they can be Reused


Until a few months ago, most people in India did not even know about masks. Neither did they ever think about its use. However, the corona pandemic changed everything.

Even children know about the masks and the importance of its use. A few months ago, there were a lot of questions about which mask is the best. During the outbreak, it was said that cloth mask can control the infection. Also, most people don’t know that whether a surgical mask is reusable or not. Although, experts say that surgical mask can be used only once. A recent research has suggested that it is reusable. Let’s know how.

Surgical mask is mostly used by doctors and nurses. Since they can be used only once, every day surgical masks have to be destroyed in huge quantities worldwide. There is scarcity of masks due to this, but the biggest damage is happening to the environment, because surgical masks are made of plastic and they are not destroyed quickly.

A research report published in The Lancet journal outlines the measures for reusing surgical masks. According to the research, the risk of corona virus is just 0.1% after putting the surgical mask in a paper for seven consecutive days. After that you can use it.

Experts, however, believe that homemade cotton masks are more preferable than buying any type of mask from the market. The home made masks are most effective against infection. You can use any cotton cloth to make a mask at home or you can also buy these masks online.


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