New COVID-19 Variant Found In India Can Break Body Immunity

The new forms of the virus have intensified in the second wave of the Corona pandemic. There are reports of double and triple mutations from different states. However, scientists have called this theory incorrect. They are saying that the virus is indeed changing rapidly over time. But, if one wants to understand these genetic changes of the virus, then one should know about mutations for it. People are panicking because of this news of double or triple mutations.

However, according to scientists, the new mutations are much more powerful than before. There is not much evidence of their rapid spread. But they definitely are playing a role in breaking the immunity of people. These are symptoms of rapid dominance of the lungs, reporting high infection status in the patient and causing breathing difficulties within three to four days.

Divya Tej Sowpati of Hyderabad-based CCMB told that they have updated information through genome sequencing. Currently, many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, West Bengal have reported new spike mutations. Studies on these have shown that Covaxin and Covshield vaccine are effective on new variants.

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Scientists had discovered B.1.618 last year

He said that scientists had confirmed B.1.618  in West Bengal in October last year. But, now they are finding it in all the samples from here in March. More worryingly, in this new variant, both mutations of DEL145-146 and E484 are present simultaneously. Both of these mutations can weaken immunity.

More than 15 spike mutations in a single strain

Mutations of E484 have also been found earlier in a strain called B1.351. Apart from these, it was also found in B 1.617 but it cannot be called double or triple. Scientists say that this strain named B1.617 came out some time ago in which we have seen more than 15 mutations so far.

Vidarbha, Maharashtra was the first to report this. At that time, it was “double mutation” because scientists found L452R and E484Q spike mutations. But a few days later the L452R disappeared from B1.617. And now scientists have found E484Q spike mutation. Therefore it can no longer be a double mutation.

The theory of triple mutation is also wrong

It is also wrong to call triple mutations to B1.618 found in West Bengal as it has received V382L spike mutations in addition to L452R and E484Q. The L452R mutation has already disappeared. At the same time, there is not much evidence of its presence with the E484Q. So right now we need to pay more attention to the V382L spike mutations.