NCW report: No stopping of women-related crimes, after a year of lockdown

A year of lockdown in India didn’t stop women-related crimes. The National Commission for Women (NCW) has reported on this recently. The Commission reported more than 2000 women-related crimes. At least, one-fourth of the crimes on women relate to domestic violence. 

No impact of lockdown on crimes

The year 2020 has led to nationwide lockdown in many countries. India imposed a lockdown on March 25th, last year. Moreover, the rise in Covid Cases led to the imposition of the lockdown. Instead, the lockdown was overwhelming for many women.

Helpline number for women-related atrocities

There was a sharp rise in women-related crimes during the lockdown. To tackle this, the NCW even released a fast helpline number. Interestingly, the helpline was a WhatsApp number. The women could register their complaints fast on WhatsApp number.

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Report on crimes related to women

According to the National Women’s Commission report, there is an increase in the number of complaints of domestic violence. Since June 2020, there was a registration of more than 2,000 complaints. All the complaints of women-related crimes were of domestic violence. There was an increase in 660 such complaints in July 2020.

Further, the data suggests 25,886 complaints of crime against women have since April 2020. Out of those 25,886 complaints were 5,865 complaints of domestic violence.

In addition, the National Commission for women also received 23,722 complaints against women. In 2020, this figure is the highest in six years for women-related crimes.