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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Naseeruddin Shah Calls Out On Propaganda Films

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Bollywood stalwart Naseeruddin Shah is one of the stars in the industry who does not shy away from sharing his candid opinion on any issue. Many a times he has created controversies with his statements. However, Shah has an unequivocal opinion on any social, political and serious issue related to films.

Recently he said that the Indian film industry is suffering from Islamophobia. The biggest thing is that the filmmakers are also getting encouragement from the government to prepare such cinema.

Naseeruddin Shah targeted the government

On the question of discrimination in the industry, the actor said that, ‘I do not know whether any discrimination is happening against the Muslim community in the film industry or not. I believe that our contribution is important. Money is God in this industry.

Naseeruddin further said that, ‘the statement of support or alleged happiness in a section of Muslims not only in India but in the world about the Taliban was misrepresented’.

In an interview with a channel, the actor said, ‘You are respected in this industry by looking at your money. Even today three Khan actors of the industry are on top. No one can challenge them, they are still at the highest position. I have never felt discrimination in the industry.

He further said that, ‘When I was starting my career, someone gave me an advice me to change the name. But I did not change the name. I don’t think it would have made much difference.

Along with this, he said that when Muslim leaders union members and students make a statement, they face opposition. Whereas when anyone makes a violent statement against the Muslim community, we do not see that kind of noise.

Shah further said that the government is now encouraging the film industry to make films supporting the idea. They get funds to make such films, which support the views of the government. The government promises them clean chits by making these propaganda films.

It Feels Like Nazi Germany

Not only this, he compared such work to Nazi Germany and said, ‘It used to happen there too. During the Nazi Germany era, government surrounded the filmmakers who understood the world. The government told them to make films that propagated Nazi ideology. He taunted and said that I do not have any solid evidence for this, but the kind of big budget films that are coming out are a big proof.

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