NASA says Asteroid Stone Equal Size to Burj Khalifa Coming Towards Earth on Sunday

According to the US space agency NASA, a giant meteorite is moving towards the Earth. Its size is as big as the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This meteorite is moving towards Earth at a speed many times faster than a missile.

According to NASA, this meteorite will pass a few thousand km away from Earth on Sunday, November 29. Its current speed is 90000 km per hour. NASA has been monitoring this meteorite for a very long time.

NASA named the meteorite as 153201 2000 WO107. It has a height of 820 meters, while the Burj Khalifa has a height of 829 meters. The missile has an average speed of 4000 km per hour, while the speed of this meteorite is much higher. NASA has placed it in the category of Near Earth Object, i.e. it will pass close to the Earth.

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However, it will not hit the earth. In this way, all the astronomers of the world, including NASA astronomers, have once again breathed a sigh of relief. Significantly, this year many dangerous fumigants have passed close to the earth. It is a blessing that no one has hit the earth. Strange incidents have taken place in different areas of India in recent years, which are being linked to meteorites.