Namaste goes Global in Corona, Indians celebrate on Twitter


Recently, a video was shared by French President Emmanuel Macron. In the video, he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were greeting each other with a Namaste. The video has got more than 1.5M views. After that, #Namaste started trending on Twitter. Indians all over the world are full of pride. There is a flood of memes on Social media on Namaste.

These are some of the most interesting tweets –

1. Namaste is the new hello!

2. It’s our culture!

3. Namaste is global.

4. An emotional moment.

5. The virus is teaching the world Indian Culture.

6. Switch to Indian

7. Greetings, the Indian way.

8. We are proud!

9. It’s an Ancient Indian Practice.

10. Indian way of living. Link:


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