Must Visit Beautiful Villages of India

India lives in villages. No matter how many cities you travel, but the kind of relaxation one gets in a village can never be found in the dazzles of city life. The villages have kept the ancient heritage alive. The external civilization has not been able to affect the culture of villages.

People living in villages are satisfied with nature and the resources they get. They are respectful of what they have received. They do not tamper the beauty of nature.  In this article, we will suggest you five absolutely beautiful villages you can visit for your next vacation.

  1. Kibber
    Kibber is a very beautiful village in the Spiti Valley of the Himalayas. It is also the only elevated village in the world with road connectivity. The population of the village is not very high. There are only 80 houses here. But their design is very different. All the houses here have stones not bricks. There is also an old monastery here. The village nestled on the mountains attracts a number of tourists.
  2. Matam
    Mattam is a small village located in Tamil Nadu. It is a paradise for sunset lovers. The village is famous for the Mattam beach. The locals do fishing on this beach. However, since the beaches here are less crowded, it is a must visit place for the peace seekers. The view of the sunset from the lighthouse is very beautiful. It can mesmerize anyone.
  3. Pragpur
    Pragpur is an old village rich in historical buildings. The houses here are like forts and havelis, which attract the tourists. It is also the cultural heritage of Indian villages. There are many stories related to history here. The village was found in the 16th century. Although very few people live in the village but it remains a favourite destination for tourists.
  4. Malana
    If you want to go to a hill station but want to avoid the crowd then Malana village in Himachal Pradesh is the place for you. Malana is a village in the Kullu valley. It is a very beautiful place. High mountains surround this small village. However, the best time to visit Malana is from March to June and September to October.

If you plan to go on a vacation to any of these places, let us know about your experience.

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