Mother Whale carried her Dead Calf for more than 17 Days


Images of a killer whale are going viral on Social Media these days. The story behind these images is very emotional.This mother whale gave birth to a baby. Unfortunately, the baby died within a few hours of being born. But mother whale could not believe that her child is dead. So she carried the body of her child for 17 days to prevent it from drowning.

According to the Seattle Times, these images are two years old. But the recent photographs of this Whale revealed that she is pregnant once again. According to scientists in Washington, the Whale is due to deliver the baby in 18 months.

This Whale gave birth to her child “Orca” in 2018. But the child died within half an hour after birth. Usually, Killer whales carry their dead children in water for about a week. But this Whale kept clinging the child to her chest for 17 days.

According to reports, the name of this Killer Whale is J35. She was first spotted with her dead child on 24 July 2018. However, the cause of her child’s death could not be known. But now that she’s pregnant once again, Scientists believe her child will be safe and alive.


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