Modi Defends Agriculture Ordinances, Blames Congress for Misleading Farmers


On Friday Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi assured the farmers that the bills on agricultural reforms would act as a defence for them. The new provisions will help them sell their crops in any market of the country at their desired price.

Modi accused the opposition, especially the Congress, for trying to mislead the farmers by opposing these bills and supporting the middlemen. Modi said these middlemen loot the farmers. He urged the farmers not to be fooled and be vigilant.

The Lok Sabha passed the agrarian reform bills amidst massive protests by the opposition parties in the house and farmers on the streets of NCR. Modi said these bills would act as a defence shield for farmers.

The Prime Minister also said that the central government is committed to providing fair prices to farmers through MSP. He said that government procurement would continue as before. Any person can sell their products anywhere in the world. Modi also said that the work that his government has done for farmers in the last six years is more than anyone has ever done in the country.

Meanwhile, Harsimrat Kaur Badal resigned from the Union cabinet in protest against the three anti-farmer ordinances and legislation. She said farmers are protesting not only in Punjab but also in Haryana Rajasthan up Maharashtra and in Southern India.


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