Missing Son Returns Home in a Luxury Car After 14 Years

The story of a family of village Ferozepur of Sandi development block of Hardoi, will leave you in awe. After 14 years, there was a celebration of happiness in the family. This was because their son returned home.

Sarju is a resident of Majra Firozapur in Satiapur. He is a farmer by profession. His wife Sita is a housewife. About 14 years ago, Rinku, son of Sarju and Sita, left the house without telling anyone. The family also searched for the missing boy. But due to lack of money, they sat down exhausted. Sarju says that he accepted Rinku’s disappearance as destiny.

However, on one night, Rinku suddenly returned to the village with a changed name. But his mother recognized him in a second. Mother Sita hugged Rinku and cried a lot.

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For the last 14 years, Rinku was in Punjab. There, he bought some trucks. One of his trucks crashed in Dhanbad. He was going to Dhanbad in his luxury car and on the way to Hardoi, he remembered everything. However, he could not remember his father’s name. But he remembered the name of Surat Yadav, a resident of the village. When he reached the village and went to Surat, Surat recognized him immediately and then took him to his house.

Rinku is now Gurupreet

Rinku, who belonged to Scheduled Caste, has now been named Gurupreet Singh. His way of life is also like that of the Sikhs. He also wears a turban on his head. A family of Gorakhpur lived in Ludhiana, Rinku alias Gurupreet has also been married to the daughter of that family. When Sarju and Sita came to know about the marriage, they too looked happy.

Learned to drive a truck and then bought his own trucks

The story of Rinku aka Gurupreet is extremely filmy. Rinku tells that he got out of the house wearing old clothes on top of new clothes because he got scolded for his studies. He reached Ludhiana on a train. There he found a Sardar ji. Sardar ji hired him in his transport company. While working here, Rinku learned to drive a truck. Then slowly, he became a master of trucks himself. Now he also has a luxury car.

“Now don’t leave like before”

Sita hugges the 26-year-old Rinku alias Gurupreet. She told Gurupreet that whatever work he does, but he should not go like he did before. Gurupreet also reached his home after so many years, so he forgot his business and stopped here. However, he had to leave late in the night due to business compulsion. Gurupreet is also very happy to meet his parents.