Miracle Recovery: 103-year-old beats Corona Virus


In the middle of the panic situation caused by the Coronavirus across the world, news of one of the oldest man defeating the virus is making news. The age of this man is 103 years. More interestingly, this man recently married, for the fifth time.

This peculiar case is from Pakistan. Aziz Abdul Aleem, the oldest man to have recovered from Corona there. Doctors from across the world are advising the elderly to take special precautions against COVID-19. Doctors issue guidelines almost every day. The country is amazed by the recovery of a 103-year-old man.

As per the reports, Aziz tested positive at the beginning of July. He was immediately hospitalized. He recovered completely in about three weeks and returned home. Aziz hails from Chitral district near the borders of China and Afghanistan.

Aziz’s 50-year-old son Sohail Ahmed told the media, “Everyone got worried when my father tested positive for Corona. Everyone was upset. No one expected he would survive.” Now everyone is relieved after he returned safely.

Aziz says he has seen many problems in his life; a virus cannot harm or intimidate him. Doctors suggested Aziz isolation, but he refused, He thinks he will live with his family; there is no question of living separately.

His son told that his father did woodwork till the age of 70. He lives with his three wives, nine sons and a daughter. Ahmed also said that his father separated from his fourth wife and married fifth.


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