Mike Pompeo Reprimands China over Tensions at LAC

Tension continues between India and China over the border issue since May. Meanwhile, US secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that China has deployed 60000 troops along the northern border with India. Pompeo reprimanded China’s behaviour over tensions at the border. He said that Beijing had become a significant threat to the quad countries.

Foreign ministers of the Indo Pacific countries known as the quad group met on Tuesday in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This was the first meeting of foreign ministers since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The meeting of the foreign ministers took place in the indo-pacific South China Sea amid China’s aggressive military attitude and tensions with India over the line of actual control in eastern Ladakh.

Pompeo returned to the United States after attending a second quad meeting with counterparts from India, Japan and Australia. In an interview with The Guy Benson Show on Friday, he said that the Indian Army is looking at the deployment of 60000 Chinese troops on the northern border.

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He said, “I went to attend the quad meeting. It is a format that includes four countries with large democracies and powerful economies. Each of these countries is threatened by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Pompeo said that India had a face to face battle with the Chinese Army in the Himalayas. China has now started deploying a large number of troops along the border with India.
He said the Communist Party of China is a threat to all. When Australia said that China should investigate the coronavirus from Wuhan, the Chinese Communist Party threatened and intimidated them.