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Meteor Crater

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The Meteor Crater looks like a big hole in the desert. It was caused by a meteorite hitting the Earth thousands of years ago. A meteorite is a rock that crashed into Earth that came from outer space.

The Meteor Crater lies in Arizona between the towns of Flagstaff and Winslow. The crater, it was believed, was a clasped top of a volcano. However, in 1902, Dr. Daniel Barringer proved that the rocks around the hole were not volcanic and showed a couple of signs that it meant it was crushed by an enormous body going at the speed of 43,125 mph.

In 1946, a meteorite collector Harvey H. Nininger analysed the tiny metallic particles mixed into the soil around the crater was created by an explosion. The plain around the crater was covered in chunks of meteoritic iron – over 30 tonnes of it, scattered all over an area 8 to 10 miles in diameter.

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