Members Of Indian Scientific Expedition To Antarctica Successfully Return To Cape Town

The Indian space expedition that went to Antarctica has returned safely. The Indian Earth Science Ministry made this announcement. They said that members of the Indian space expedition to Antarctica have successfully returned to Cape Town last week. They have travelled 12 thousand nautical miles in 94 days.

A ministry official said the achievement was the result of India’s four decades of scientific efforts across the continent. We need to be proud of it. “The crew covered 12000 nautical miles in 94 days with some stoppage. “

It also said that the expedition team consisted of scientists, engineers, physicians and technicians. They started the journey from Morgamugao port in Goa to Antarctica in January. According to the statement, the team reached Bharti station in their destination Antarctica on 27 February and Maitri station on 8 March. Bharti and Maitri are two permanent research base centers in India.