Meet Three-Year-Old Jackson: Youngest Person to Reach the Summit of 10,000ft Mountain


It is almost unbelievable that a three-year-old child could climb up a 10,000 ft high mountain. But Jackson Houlding has done it. Not only three-year-old Jackson but his seven-year-old sister Freya also made it to the top of the Piz Badile Mountain. This 10,000 ft high mountain sits on the border of Switzerland and Italy.

Jackson and Freya were accompanied by their mother Jess, and father Leo Houlding, who are professional mountain climbers. 41-year-old Jessica was responsible for both the children and She guided Freya and carried Jackson on her back. While their father, Leo, was carrying the camping equipment and food.

In 2004, two British climbers Jules Cartwright and Julie Colvard were killed after they fell from this mountain. Which means Piz Badile is not an easy climb.

Leo told the media that his daughter climbed the mountain all by herself, including all the hiking and everything – it was very impressive. Freya turned seven in July. Both Freya and Jackson made history. Freya became the youngest person to climb the mountain unaided. And Jackson is the youngest person to reach the top.

The British family is already prepared for another adventure. They have set an example for other families on how to encourage children. However, Leo and Jess are professionals; parents must not try to do the stunt with their children.


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