Meet the Teacher Helping Students Who cannot Afford Online Classes

Since Corona outbreak in India, all schools and colleges are closed. Meanwhile, students are studying from home through online classes. Students are mainly studying through laptops or Smartphone. But not everyone has access to these gadgets or internet services. Therefore, many students are not able to attend classes and study. Possibly, many students have dropped out of schools.

In such desperate times, there is a teacher in Delhi who is teaching children from slums of the city. These children cannot afford online classes, Mr Satyendra Pal teaches kids under the metro flyover. A resident of UP, Satyendra has a Math Honors degree and lives in East Delhi.
He opened his Panchsheel Educational Institute in 2015. Earlier, there were very few children in his school. He teaches students from low-income families. But after the Corona Lockdown, the number of children coming here increased. These children come from nearby slum areas; they also work with their parents as labourers.

These children cannot take classes online, as most of the parents do not have a smartphone. Those who do either do not have a network or cannot afford the internet. In such a situation, they can only study with Satyendra.

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Not only this, to avoid COVID-19 spread, this open classroom also follows social distancing. Masks and sanitizers have also been arranged. Satyendra has a small hut under the flyover where he takes these classes.

Satyendra teaches Maths, Science and English to these children. Classes of 2–2 hours run daily throughout the week. People like Satyendra Pal, who have committed to making this world a better place, are an inspiration for everyone.