Meet the Man who travelled to India on foot


Meigo Mark is from Estonia, Europe. In 2014, he gave himself a new challenge and wanted to travel the whole world on foot. To complete his challenge, he visited India in 2015. He wrote about his visit to India on reddit.

Mark wrote, “I walked 3600 kilometres in India. I completed the entire journey on foot, and it took seven months. This was five years ago.” He also shared images of his trip to India.
During his journey, he stayed with the local people. He stayed with approximately 35 families in India. He also used to set up camp tents as well. Many times, the dogs attacked him. In one instance, the Assam police force had to give him protection.

He says while he was in India a lot of schools invited him for talks. Mark would meet children in the schools, and talk to them. He also celebrated many festivals in India. However, Mark did not lose much weight on his journey. According to him, this is because he used to eat and rest a lot. He lost only 3 kgs of weight in India. In 4 years he travelled 22 countries and lost only 7 to 8 kgs.

The entire cost for one year on foot was €3600 ($5850). His goal is to see the whole world on foot in the shortest time. So far, Mark has travelled 200 countries covering 20000 kilometres in 4 years.


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