Meet the Indian Woman who Established a successful Salad Business


In most Indian restaurants you will most probably get a salad for free. However, nowadays, people understand the value of the salad. People are trying different types of salads as they realise that it is beneficial for health.

A woman from Pune has done a profitable business with salads. Her name is Megha Bafna. Megha made up remind to spread the taste of the salad, and she is showing the world how much money can be made from this simple business.

She started this business in 2017. She used to make a salad at home and share the pictures with others on WhatsApp. Then, she started getting orders. On the very first day, she got five orders from her friends. However, gradually people started liking her salads, and the number of orders kept increasing. This is how her business grew.

Now, Megha is a successful businesswoman. She started this business with just Rs 3000 ($56), and so far she has earned more than 22 lacs. But it was not as easy. She used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare the salad. She used to get the vegetables, spices and did everything herself. Megha also had to face losses many times, but she continued her work. Soon she established her business.

Before lockdown, Megha had 200 regular customers. And her monthly income ranges from Rs. 75000 to 1 lakh ($1400-1800). Megha’s story is an inspiration for all those women who wish to start a business of their own. If one decides to do something and does not give up, anything is possible.


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