Meet the Group of Cyclists Feeding the Homeless in India


The homeless and migrants are the worst affected during the Corona Pandemic and lockdown. However, many people have come forward to help them. There is one such cyclist who has been helping the needy in these difficult times. Ever since the lockdown was imposed in India, he has been feeding the homeless. His name is Philem Rohan Singh from Manipur.

According to a report from India Times, Rohan was going to Japan from Delhi for a camp by Indian Paralympics Committee. Meanwhile, everything stopped because of Corona. The government imposed lockdown. So, he returned to his home from Kolkata. And he started feeding those who were homeless during the lockdown.

Rohan took up the responsibility of feeding 30 homeless people in Imphal Main market. His friends also supported him. They have been feeding a one-time meal to people since March.
Rohan and his friends have spent more than Rs 3L ($5600) to feed the homeless. People also donated money to their cause. He said, “I went to many leaders of the area. They helped with this noble cause. We even got T-shirts saying “Cycling for Humanity”. The profit from these T-shirts also goes to feed the needy people.

Rohan has a team of 20 volunteers, and most of them are cyclists. They go to feed people on their bicycles every day. Also, five members of his team, who cook food are homeless themselves. Rohan says that they bring them to ration supplies and they cook the food. Then our team takes the responsibility of distribution. Rohan says he and his team will continue to feed these people. However, he knows his limits. He also urges the government to help homeless people.


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