Meet the Bengaluru Policeman Who Teaches Children of Migrant Labourers


The coronavirus pandemic has majorly impacted all aspects of life. In India, children and their education have also been severely affected. Earlier, there were problems, but children were managing to attend school and get an education. But the new system of online education is another barrier in their education as many do not have smartphones or internet connection. Many images have emerged in which students can be seen studying on hills, tanks, rooftops, and even on trees to get good network and attend classes.

However, in these desperate times, some people are trying to help these children get an education. One such person is Shantappa Jademmnavar. Shantappa is a policeman who is posted as Sub-inspector at Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station. He teaches the children of migrant labourers. According to reports, his duty starts at 8:30 a.m., so he takes classes from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. He teaches Vedic mathematics, general knowledge etc. to about 30 children. He also gives them homework, and the children who do will get presents like chocolates and geometry boxes.

Shanthappa says, “Parents of these children do not have smartphones, TVs or computers. They have no other means of online learning. The state government’s Widyagama Scheme also failed here. So I started teaching them.”There is no electricity or water system in the areas where these children live. To start the classes, Shanthappa had to convince the migrant labourers by telling them that he was also migrant labour and joined the police force only after studying. Only then the parents allowed him to start the classes.

Recently Bengaluru’s primary and secondary education minister SK Suresh Kumar noticed Shantappa teaching the children. He praised him for his efforts and ensured that he would do something to help the children very soon. Shantappa told media that the classes are going on with the help of some donors. But mostly, he bears the expenses from his pocket.


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