Meet the 94-Year-Old Entrepreneur – Harbhajan Kaur


There is a saying, “Age is just a number”. If you want to achieve something with all your heart, you can do it at any age. “Barfi waali Daadi” from Chandigarh proved it right.

The real name of this “Barfi waali Daadi” is Harbhajan Kaur. Harbhajan started her “Besan ki Barfi” business at the age of 90. She has now established a brand name for herself.

Daadi tells that her first stall at the Chandigarh Organic Market was a big hit. Since then, she has been preparing this Barfi for people. Although she does not have a shop of her own, she makes the Besan ki Barfi as per order. She says this unique recipe of Barfi was passed on to her by her father, Jairam Singh Chawla. This recipe is more than 100 years old.

The story of Daadi becoming an entrepreneur is also fascinating. According to her, at the age of 90, she realised that she had not earned a single rupee(Indian currency)all her life. She shared this with her daughter Raveena, who gave her the idea of making Barfi. Gradually, she started making pickles, chutneys etc. and became a successful entrepreneur.

Talking about her mother, Raveena says that every mother has a talent that she confines to her home for some or the other reason. Her mother did the same. But in her old age, she started living her dream. Her mother started this business with Rs 500, and her first income was Rs 2000. She was delighted with her first earning.

Now, prominent people like Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and Anand Mahindra have appreciated Daadi’s Barfi.Anand Mahindra also tweeted about “Barfi waali Daadi”, calling her the “Entrepreneur of the Year”.


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