Meet the 25-year-old Fashion Entrepreneur from India who makes Fabric from Garbage


Hajipur in Bihar is famous for its best quality bananas. However, this story is not about the bananas, but about the garbage generated out of bananas.This garbage seems useless to most people. However, 25-year-old Vaishali is not only earning her livelihood from this garbage but is also helping other women get jobs.

According to a report published in New Indian Express, Vaishali Priya works in the fashion industry. She makes fibre using Banana waste. And then she exports this fibre to Europe. There, it is used to make clothes and accessories. Vaishali also provides these women with fashion-based skill development training.

With the help of Local Agricultural Science Center, Vaishali started the “Surmai Banana Extraction Project”. With this project, she promotes the skill of extracting fibre from organic and natural products.

Initially, only 30 women from Hariharpur Village were part of it. However, they benefited greatly from this financially. And, now more and more women are joining them every day.
Vaishali says these women are getting training to make products from the final raw material extracted from Banana plants. The fibre is used to make clothes.

These women also get information about the parts of the stem from where the thread is removed. Vaishali knew as a child that her town Hajipur is the biggest producer of bananas. After the Banana is harvested, large quantities of waste are also produced.

She says with an adequate workforce, we can increase the production of fibre. Dr Narendra Kumar, Senior Agro Scientist, has also trained his team for two days. This training was possible with the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra.The fibre extracted from Banana is one of the strongest. It is also used to make ropes mats wool fabric and handmade paper items and clothes.


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