Meet the 21-year-old Human Calculator from India


The human brain can do some amazing things. Even in this era of technological developments, the human brain is capable of defeating a supercomputer. A 21-year-old boy from Hyderabad has performed a miracle. He has earned the title of the fastest human calculator with the help of his sharp memory.

The name of this boy is Neelkanth Bhanu Prakash. Recently, he participated in the mind sports Olympiad 2020 in London and won a gold medal for India.Participants from 13 different countries participated in the Olympiad. One of them was Neelkanth who is pursuing his graduation from St Stephen’s College in Delhi. He broke Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi’s record. Now the record for fastest mathematical calculation is under his belt.

Even the judges of the competition were amazed by the speed and brilliance of Neelkanth’s brain. He wants to train students in public schools of India to become maths genius. For Neelkanth mathematics is his world


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