Meet Gangaram: 72-Year-Old Man Who has been Managing Delhi Traffic Without a Salary

Can you imagine someone would be working without a salary? And that too not for a few days or months, but 32 years. There is an older man in Delhi who manages the traffic every day and takes no salary. He has been doing this for 32 years.

According to a report in India Times, Gangaram has been managing the traffic at Seelampur red light for free. For the last 32 years, he drives the traffic wearing a traffic police uniform. It might look like he works at the traffic police department, but that is not the case.Mr Gangaram is 72 years old. He reaches the red light at 9:00 in the morning and manages the traffic till 10 pm. Earlier, Gangaram worked as a TV mechanic. But his only son met with an accident on the same road and died. After a few days, his wife also passed away.

Since then, Gangaram has been managing the traffic on this road to help the people. He does this so that nobody’s child becomes a victim of a road accident. The government has awarded him several times for his noble work.He did not even own a phone, Delhi traffic police gifted him a mobile phone. People like Gangaram who work selflessly are an inspiration for everyone.

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