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Mask Made of Beads Ornamented on the Face During the Corona Era

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Everyone is suffering from the worldwide epidemic (Coronavirus). Scientists from all over the world are researching vaccines. Doctors are suggesting to apply social distancing and face Mask to avoid the spread of the virus.

Wearing Mask has become one of our everyday necessity. Due to this, the demand for masks in the markets is increasing rapidly.Even in the Corona era, people do not forget to do fashion. In weddings, there are also designer masks available for bridal use.

Earlier in Pune, a woman made a gold mask of six and a half lakh rupees(A$13000) for the wedding. It was 125 grams in total and was made of 22 carats. The Mask featured an N95 mask with gold design on it. The Mask can be washed with water in 20 to 25 days.

In the same trends, Pearl mask has been made in the Japanese capital Tokyo, by Rico Kavanishi’s company. It took 3 days to make 310 real beads of different sizes are threaded into a mask. The price of this precious pearl mask is more than 1 million yen(A$13350). The Akoya beads with which they are made are commonly used in garlands, but Rico says that when he applied the beads on his face, the skin started to look good. Rico has prepared it in such a way that after removing it from the face, it can remain like a garland in the neck.

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