Man’s Bowel Explodes after Eating Spicy Dumplings

People often start drooling at the sight of spicy momos (dumplings). Something similar happened to a man in China. He could not control himself after seeing the dish. But these momos created a big problem for this man. Because of the excessive spice in the momos, a blast occurred in his stomach. His intestines were blown, and his condition was severe. However, the doctors somehow managed to save his life.

This incident is from Jiangsu Province in China. According to reports, 63-year-old Mr Wang ate a lot of very spicy chilli dumplings in dinner. After a while, he complained of severe pain in the stomach. He also heard a small bang from inside his stomach. Suddenly his condition worsened and rushed him to a hospital.

Examination revealed that the blast was from inside his stomach. The blast caused his intestines to burst. Doctors said that the over spicy dumplings created pressure inside his intestines, causing the explosion.

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Mr Wang was already suffering from stomach and intestinal problems. Hence, the doctors advised him not to eat spicy food. But, he ignored the advice of doctors and ate the famous spicy wontons of East China with soup.

His negligence almost cost him his life. Mr Wang is in shock after what happened to him. The story is going viral on Social Media.