Man’s Belly Fat Saves his Life


Belly fat is a major problem for many people. Everyone who has it wants to get rid of it. People go for morning walks; they work on their diets or join a gym. But the results take time.
Recently in China, a man’s belly fat saved his life. The man would have fallen into a well, but his belly fat saved him. This incident happened in Luoyang city of Henan province in middle China.

According to reports, 28-year old Mr Liu weighs about 125 kilograms. He has a big belly.
There is a well in his house, But this well is not very wide. There was an old wood plank on the well. Liu was trying to seal it, but he accidentally fell in it. However, he did not go straight inside the well as his belly got stuck.

Luoyang Fire Brigade, in a social media post, said that the young man is completely fine. He survived this accident only because of his belly fat.

A video clip of this rescue operation is going viral on various social media platforms. A team of five rescuers can be seen trying to get him out of the well. They first wrapped a strong rope around the man’s waist and then pulled him out safely.


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