Manipur’s Transgender Doctor;working as a Frontline Warrior in the Pandemic


In the Corona era, many people and doctors are working day and night to serve and treat the corona infected people. But this time, we are talking about the first woman transgender doctor of Northeast India, who is working hard to serve the corona infected patients all day. This thing is also special because in our society still, transgender people do not have equal rights. They also have to face discrimination from reading to writing and working like ordinary human beings. In this case, the story of transgender doctor Beonsy Laishram is an example.

Beonsy Laishram, 27, works as a medical officer in a private hospital in Imphal. With this, she is the first woman transgender doctor of Northeast India as well as the whole of Manipur. In the Corona period, she engages day and night in the service of patients. Along with this, she is also preparing for the entrance exam for further studies in her medical field.

Beonsy did not have the support of her family. When born as a boy, Beonsy’s father came to know that he was transgender, he tried to commit suicide. After which Beonsy left the house. They completed their MBBS in challenging circumstances. She has reached this stage today after going through difficult mental conditions. Beonsy still remembers the time when her friends abused her for being transgender. She used to hear all their taunts. She often imprisoned herself in a room while undergoing mental stress. But she faced life’s struggles. She went through with their surgery in Pondicherry.


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