Man Quits Smoking, Builds a Bigger Home Instead


On every pack of Cigarette, there is a warning that says smoking is injurious to health. Still, people who are addicted to smoking cannot help themselves.

People do not even realise when and how smoking becomes a part of their lives. People lose their savings along with their health because of this habit. We are saying this because a person from the Indian state of Kerala quit smoking and saved thousands of dollars. Now, he is using that money to build a house.

It is the true story of Venugopal Nair from Kozhikode, Kerala. 75-year-old Venugopal used to be a chain smoker. He smoked two packets of cigarettes per day. But, at the age of 67, he developed chest pains. He went for a medical check-up which was a wake up call for him. After this, he quit smoking. It’s been eight years, and Venugopal has saved more than $9,000.

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Talking to media, Venugopal said he used to smoke 50 to 150 cigarettes in a day. He had been smoking since the age of 14. But he did not touch a single cigarette in the last eight years. And that is how he saved this amount of money.

Nair no longer wishes a return to his old habits. He says he will continue with his saving habit to secure a future for his family consisting of his wife and two children.


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