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Man Organizes Wedding of Mango and Jamun Tree in India

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Marriage is a common social institution for humans. However, in this article we will tell you about the marriage of trees. Yes, don’t be surprised! This is true! 

This incident is from Beenpur village, Tehsil Patiali of Kasganj district. Here, an environmentalist arranged the wedding ceremony of two trees. To give the message of environment protection, this man tied trees of mango and jamun in marriage. All wedding rituals happened according to Hindu Customs. The villagers also took part in the wedding as Gharaatis and Baraatis.

Omprakash Dwivedi, a resident of village Beenpur organized this wedding. Veda scholar Pandit Anil Kumar Mishra performed the rituals of marriage of trees while chanting mantras according to Hindu rituals. Huge crowd gathered from all over the area to witness this unique wedding.

Omprakash Dwivedi says that 10 years ago he had planted a mango orchard ion his hundred bighas of land. While planting the orchard, he pledged that when a lot of fruits start flowering in the garden, then he will organize the wedding of the trees. They had also decided that they will donate the trees after marriage to the Man Paksha. He fulfilled this resolution on Sunday in an auspicious muhurat.

Donated Both Trees To Sister and Brother-in-law

After the marriage, the organizer gave a donation to the Brahmin. After that, he donated the mango and jamun tree. Omprakash Dwivedi has donated both the trees to his sister Santosh Kumari and brother-in-law Vijay Shankar.

Everyone Also Had Dinner

There is a tradition of banquet at the weddings. Dwivedi carried on that tradition in the wedding of his trees as well. The organizer also provided food to the relatives and villagers who arrived at the wedding after the marriage was over. This marriage remains a matter of discussion in the region.

This is a tradition

Environmental expert Diwakar Vashisht says that the tradition of wedding of trees is mostly common in Rajasthan. Because there are very less trees in Rajasthan, people get them married and take pledge not to cut them. Then, they also dedicate these trees to society.

Reason for this decision

Om Prakash Dwivedi, said that I have seen that people are cutting trees at a very fast pace. But people are not paying attention to planting more trees. This is threatening the environment. When I got to know that in some places people are getting their trees wed, I also decided to do so. He organized this event to give the message of plantation and environment to the public.

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