Man gets Corona Days before the Wedding, gets Married in Hospital

Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed havoc all over the world. Thousands are dying every day because of this deadly virus. It is also tough to predict who might get infected by the virus.
Recently one such incident came up in Texas. A man tested positive for Coronavirus shortly before his wedding, And he had to be admitted to the ICU. His name is Carlos Muniz.

According to People’s Magazine, Carlos got corona infection the same week when his wedding was scheduled. However, Corona could not stop his marriage. As per reports, his fiance Grace arrived at the San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital as a bride and married him on August 11.

San Antonio Methodist Hospital released a video of their wedding ceremony. The caption says that Muniz’s condition got critical; he was on ECMO. This was his last chance. Carlos’ nurses suggested him to marry Grace.

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The video is going viral on social media. In the video, you can see Carlos in a tuxedo, while Grace is wearing a white dress. Everyone present in the room is wearing a mask.Grace and Carlos have indeed proved that COVID-19 can’t stop love.