Man Found his Lost Wallet after 14 Years


Once one loses their purse or wallet, they lose all hope of ever getting it back. But with this man, a miracle happened.He lost his wallet 14 years ago. He could not imagine that he will get it back.
42-year-old Hemant Padalkar had lost his wallet in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal (CSMT)- in 2006. Government Railway Police (GRP) found it after 14 years and handed over to him.
Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Hemant said that he lost his wallet near Vashi. After realizing that it had been stolen, he filed a complaint with Vashi GRP. Initially, he made a lot of efforts to find it, but eventually, he forgot about it.” When he got a call from Vashi GRP in April, he was a bit surprised!
Due to COVID-19 related lockdown, Hemant could approach GRP only last week. When he reached office, the officer on duty informed him that GRP had found the wallet, but they will not be able to give him the 500 rupees note in his wallet. This was because the old currency notes are now invalid tender. Hemant had Rs. 900 ($16.77) in his wallet including a Rs 500 note.


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