Man Arrested for Selling Tocilizumab Vials Filled With Water in India

Even in this era of corona pandemic, there are many people who are bringing shame to humanity. It seems some people derived their own conclusion of the Indian Prime Ministers look for Opportunities amidst a calamity. 

Rather than helping the distressed, some people are seeing this as an opportunity to fill their own pockets. One such horrible incident came to light from Indore, in Madhya Pradesh.

Here a young man sold Tocilizumab (TCZ) injections to people in black at a high price. The man was not only doing black marketing, but was also cheating people. He was not selling any drug to people, but was filling the vials with water.

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By selling these fake injections, this man was putting the lives of people at risk. And he was using the money he earned from all this to make his girlfriend happy. He also bought a refrigerator, cooler, mobile, cupboard and ration for the whole year. He had planned to go somewhere far with all this money and his girlfriend after the lockdown ends.

The name of this young man is Suresh Yadav. Indore police has taken him into custody. While giving a statement on the incident, Indore East SP Ashutosh Bagri said that the age of this young man is 29 years. They will deal with him under the National Security Act. He also told that this person is a resident of Laxmanpura area of ​​Banganga.

He had sold this injection filled with water to 5 people for two-and-a-half lakh rupees. One of the victims complained to the police. The woman told that she came in contact with this person through social media. After the fake injection was sold to the victim, she tried to contact the person again. Howevershe could not find him. Finally, the victim complained to the police station. The complainant woman said that the man had given her a vaccine compartment instead of the injection.

To take the accused into custody, Sub Inspector Priyanka Sharma demanded Tocilizumab injection through a Facebook group from the man. In response, Suresh told him that the price of this injection is 40 thousand rupees, but he will sell them in black for 2.5 lakh rupees. After this, Sub Inspector Priyanka laid a trap to catch him. On Tuesday, accused Suresh called SI Priyanka to Vijay Nagar to sell the injection. During this, Suresh had asked Priyanka to bring these rupees in ration bags.

After this, Priyanka went to the location as told by Suresh with money. During that time, the rest of the policemen were also present there. He quickly took the money from Priyanka and told her to leave early or else the police would come.

During this time, the auto in which all these transactions were taking place. A young Bharata was sitting in it as a driver. Before the accused came to know about it, the police took him into his custody. The police then contacted the rest of the victims. During this time, the victims have said that the police somehow get their money back from this person.